Lavender Blush Small
  • Lavender Blush Small
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  • Six Delysées French Macaron
  • Lavender Blush
  • Lavender Blush
  • Lavender Blush

Lavender Blush



Our signature bloom box, complete with luminous purple roses immaculately arranged. Packaged in a timeless and sophisticated style. Our bloom boxes are the perfect complement to any celebration.

Six Delysées French Macarons - $20

Six exquisite assorted French macarons

Sloane Tea (15g) - $10

Heavenly Cream
A beautiful long leaf Ceylon and Assam tea that is blended with balanced notes of bergamot and creamy vanilla.
Marrakesh Mint
South African green rooibos delicately blended with a medley of mint to create an infusion that is light bodied, smooth with a refreshing and refined mint finish.
Earl Grey
Ceylon and Assam black tea, hand blended with natural oil of bergamot for a medium bodied infusion with classic citrus notes

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